Launching Sunday Services From January 7th!

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On Sunday 7th January, we plan to ‘launch’ as a church. Now, you might not have heard of a church launch before. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Like, what are we, a rocket?! (Sometimes we get called a bunch of rockets, but that’s a different thing) So, let us explain what we mean by ‘launch.’

For the past two years we have been meeting as a group of Christians working towards starting this new church together. We have spent our time talking about why we want to start this church, what type of church we are going to be and starting to build connections and get involved in the local area. In many ways, we have already started. There are activities we already do and a lot of different ways we are involved in our great wee community. What we mean by ‘launch’, however, is that we are going to start meeting on Sundays for services, and you’re all invited.

A lot of people we have spoken to over the last number of years have assumed that by ‘church’ we mean either a) a building or b) a Sunday service. We mean neither of these things. We mean a group of Christians living in Barlanark who are committed together to ‘making Jesus known in Barlanark and beyond’. We don’t need our own building for this, and we’ve been doing this while going along to a Sunday service with our partner church, called Harper. But we don’t want to travel out of our community for services. We want to be a church of Barlanark people, for Barlanark people, in Barlanark.

So now it’s time to bring it all together and start meeting here, in Barlanark, on Sunday mornings. From Sunday 7th January at 11am (10.45am for drinks and cakes!) we have arranged to hire some space in the Calvay Centre and we will meet week after week to worship Jesus together by singing, praying and listening to the Bible being explained to us. It is going to be really informal and relaxed and you can come wearing what you want. You don’t need to consider yourself religious; you can literally just come, grab a tea, coffee or juice and find out more.

We believe we have good news to share.

We want to tell you of the hope we have found.

To find out more, why don’t you go to and check out our new video we have just released that will tell you a bit more about us. Or pop in and see us in our office at the Calvay Centre.

Anyone is welcome to join us on Sundays. We’d love to see you there!